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Who is who?

Pyro-Kat?!  -  MCT?!  -  Pragmatec?!  -  Addryn?!

  • PYRO-KAT is the brand under which MCT technology-based plants are produced.
  • MCT - Molecular Cracking Technology is a flexible, reliable and clean technology that cracks different waste on high-value products.
  • Pragmatec delivers, supplies and provides the Pyro-Kat systems based on the Pyro-Kat patents and technology, and represent them worldwide and exclusively.
  • Addryn is a working company by Greenstream Technology Limited, the international sales company for the MCT Waste processor with agents in European countries

Since MCT does not require previous processing of waste, labour costs and maintenance costs are reduced. The savings per metric ton of waste (1,000 kg) is minimum 15 €

Smoke Pollution From Factories & MCT technology
Different industries across the world use different materials and chemicals to make their product. The energy sector, still mostly, uses coal, a means of generating electricity that is particularly damaging to humans and the environment.

The installation of standard pollution control equipment is expensive. A study by MIT found that it may cost coal power plants € 215,000 to € 330,000 per megawatt to install controls for particulate matter, SO2 and NOx. For a typical coal power plant producing 500 megawatts, it could cost more than € 100 million to install controls at a newly built plant and € 150 million to retrofit an existing facility.

MCT technology solves this problem in a completely different way. On the one hand, smoke pollutions are raw materials for MCT technology, and on the other hand, fuel utilisation, passing through MCT technology, is significantly increasing. Our MCT technology is CE certified and does not exhaust any toxic element.

Our mission

The mission of Addryn and the MCT Waste solutions is to enable:

  • Economically viable, 
  • RIO within 3-5 years,
  • Harmonisation with EU standards,
  • Permanent and final disposal of waste at places where waste is generated and / or where waste is disposed of.


Our solution

Our technology is a closed circular system, it maximizes the overall thermal potential of the gases produced in the process to produce pure heat, distilled water, clean CO2 and an inert residue.
The created heat is used to create steam and start steam turbines for the production of electricity, heating and cooling.

Our team

The team has several players:

  • The constructors of the MCT Waste processing solution: Pragmatec, a German/Swiss company

The European sales team:

  • Greenstream Technology Ltd
  • Addryn agents in Europe
  • Sub-agents for: Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, The Netherlands



Based on previous great cooperative work, Pragmatec and one of the leading environmental technology developers, Pyro-Kat (Krakau/Poland), founded a joint subsidiary named Pragmatec & Pyro-Kat Environmental Technologies GmbH in Vienna in August 2017.


It is now able to offer the best in the world environmental technical solutions in a very broad application within an objective international comparison. 




The innovative and patented Pyro-Kat technology, based on 40 years of research and development by Prof. Zygmunt Wysocki and his team, offers both technically and economically most effective solutions in the treatment and disposal of various municipal and industrial waste.


The approved and multiple award-winning process is a low-temperature pyro-catalysis in combination with a catalytic-adsorptive after treatment of post-pyrolytic gases and thermal energy recovery. Due to the absence of classical combustion (pyrolysis), no dangerous and polluting by-products such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), dioxins, furans, CO, methane and others are created. 


Since the end of 2018 the machine is being sold by Addryn. Three machines will be installed shortly in Munich (communal waste), in Switzerland (hospital waste) and in America (all kinds of waste). A very large machine was also recently sold in Nigeria.

We can demonstrate the waste processors working in the brand new Pragmatec demo site in Bratislava, Eslovaquia from January 2020. 


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