Adsorption Catalytic Systems

The adsorption-catalytic system for purifying considerable rates of air, with slight content of organic compounds.

The basic restriction for all methods of purifying considerable volumes of air, with relatively slight, but potentially dangerous content of organic compounds, is the enormous energy rate necessary for the process to occur, even if the aforesaid catalytic methods are applied.

In 1991, our company implemented the technology that was free from this disadvantage.

This technology combines the adsorption and catalysis, where the organic gases are initially “accumulated” in the adsorption tank, to be finally desorbed by a small catalytic afterburner, whose operation in the desorption process is always auto – thermal.

With this method, the energy that must be consumed to purify one cubic meter of gases is equal to as low as 1 W!

The catalytic afterburner purifies the organic compounds with concentrations that may many times exceed the concentrations of substances collected by the adsorbing unit.

This solution is recommended for purifying gases with organic compounds concentration ranging from 2 mg per cubic meter to 700 mg per cubic meter.

We have developed the sizes of adsorption -catalytic systems capable of handling from 10 000 cubic meters per hour to 300 000 cubic meters per hour.